Happy New Year! Creating your Sankalpa for 2017

As the Christmas dust settles and we move toward 2017, we let go of ideas, thoughts, attitudes that are not serving us and make room for new fresh stuff. Let all that doesn't serve you fall out now. What seeds will you sow, feed and grow for 2017?   Give those new year resolutions the best chance of sticking by setting the intention and start the year with a focus on your health and well being.  .

Setting an intention for change in our lives can be a powerful way to achieve a desired outcome rather than just another New Years Resolution.   The setting of intention is known as Sankalpa.   Sankalpa is a Sanskrit word meaning a solemn vow to bring about positivity in one’s life, an idea formed in the heart. The ‘formed in the heart’ part is really important, because it’s from this place that we can create realistic, loving intentions.   Those heartintentions can be directed at our own lives or towards the loved ones around us.  It may be a desire to have a healthier diet, to be more flexible (mentally or physically), to be more loving, to break a bad habit or even just internal happiness and self acceptance.


‘The purpose of Sankalpa is to influence and transform the whole life pattern, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually’ – Swami Satyananda Saraswati


By setting an intention you are building a bridge between what you work through on your mat, and what you continue to focus your mind on when you step off of your mat. This intention is a powerfully energetic tool to take your practice into the world.

In addition, as you continue to focus on your intention, even after class has finished, you uplift your energy and increase your vibration, thereby acting as an example to inspire the lives of those you encounter.

Throughout January 2017 we will focus on creating your Sankalpa during class sessions with the aim of cultivating the desired change set by each individual student.

As a wise man once said ' Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees' - B.K.S. Iyengar.

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous New Year as we welcome 2017 with open arms!