October Newsletter

Greetings all,

As many of you are already aware, my father passed away last week unexpectedly.   It has been a challenging week, with many old memories coming to the surface.  Throughout this process of loss, it has been a good reminder how yoga has helped me though many of life's challenges, as the practice is not just physical, but very much mental and spiritual, a practice where the three become one (Mind, Body, Spirit connection).   

Sometimes life's tribulations bring about an imbalance with the Mind, Body Spirit.   We over think, get stuck in emotion, and deny our physical bodies proper nourishment and exercise, when the mind becomes the driving force.   A lesson once again learned this week.

I share this experience as a reminder to us all, that life is not always plain sailing, but full of challenges that we must overcome, if we are to reach that level of understanding, acceptance and enlightenment many yogi's aspire to.   It is important that no matter what life throws at us,  we continue to look internally to the body, remain conscious of ourselves, our breath and our actions, and keep that mind body & spirit connected.

I will be traveling to Adelaide this week for my father's funeral, so unfortunately no classes this week.   Normal class times will resume as of Monday 10th Oct.   I wish you all a happy end of season (last day today!), and hope you all manage to breathe a sigh of relief, embracing the warmer weather and extended daylight.   I look forward to seeing you when I return :)


Sonya James