Principal Teacher

Sonya is the principal teacher and owner of Alpine Yoga. She was introduced to Hatha Yoga in 2006 after having battled a serious health issue, which had left her physical body quite weak and frail.    Having found the therapeutic benefits of yoga, physically and mentally, she decided to embark on a teacher training course with John Ogivili of Byron Yoga in 2010 to gain a better understanding behind the philosophy of the Eight Limbs of yoga.

Her training with John Ogilvili was a style called Purna, meaning integrated or complete. Purna Yoga represents a holistic approach to yoga integrating not just the physical postures but also philosophy, meditation, pranayama breath control, anatomy, physiology and the yogic personal and social code of ethics, intergrating all 8 limbs (Ashtanga) of yoga the way it was originally taught, more than 3000 years ago in India. 

Since her introduction to yoga, she has had the opportunity to practice yoga in Bali and Thailand.   In 2012, Sonya began to attend workshops with Blue Mountains Ashtanga Teacher, Paul Frechtling, who studied in India under the master Sri K Pattabhi Jois.   “His teachings have helped to develop a deeper meditative state and awareness during my own practice.   Further inspiring me to incorporate this style into my own classes.”

As an Independent Researcher and Writer of Ancient Mysteries , growing up in Africa, New Zealand & Australia, Sonya gained a keen interest in the varied cultures of the indigenous peoples worldwide. With over 20 years of personal research into the ancient mysteries and esoteric teachings, she was further inspired to advance her studies into Ancient Yogic Philosophy, learning more about ‘premodern’ India and its ancient knowledge of the Energetic Body, Chakra System and approach to holistic health.

In 2018 Sonya completed her Advanced Yin Teacher Training, gaining more insight into the workings of the energetic body and finding many similarities with Ancient Chinese and Indian medicine. Both cultures having a strong belief in the bodies capacity to heal itself through movement of body and breath. She is currently exploring the exciting discoveries around neuroplasticity and how they are shifting the scientific paradigm, challenging our previous notions about the brain, and transforming our understanding of the mind-body connection.

Sonya takes a traditional approach to her classes, preferring longer duration and personalised practice to suit her students needs. She has worked with people with injuries and illnesses, and has enjoyed seeing the amazing transformations of many of her students that began their yogic journey with her.

“The practice of yoga is intended to be joyful and to lighten the heart and mind by calming and energizing. I encourage students at all levels to build flexibility, strength and stamina of body, mind and spirit.  This helps bring about a deeper understanding of the key yogic values including diet and lifestyle aspirations.  Many discovering that yoga becomes for them a way of life.”

“Yoga does not just change the way we see things, it transforms the person who sees.” B.K.S. Iyengar




Ali Cuthbert has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2006, after completing Level 1 Teacher Training with Yoga Trinity.

Her love of Yoga goes back 12 years, where she practiced at home & in a small studio in Jindabyne, to balance out her love of snowboarding & working in hospitality.

Ali was inspired by Heather Agnew (from Yoga Trinity) and since then has also attended workshops with Janet Stone & John Ogilvie from Byron Yoga. However, her real guru’s are her children, whom she is constantly learning from.

Ali teaches Hatha, Restorative, Mum’s & bubs & Kid’s yoga.

Ali beautifully combines her skills as a trained yoga teacher, Thai Yoga masseuse & mother to create a nurturing & supportive space.

So come along, unwind your mind & explore the balance of movement & stillness & always remember to breathe



Casual Teacher

I have been in the “movement industry” since I was 10 years old. After 11 years of studying contemporary dance in Romania, I decided to share my passion for the movement of body by becoming a dance teacher while studying at university.

After emigrating to Australia I discovered yoga, initially in Sydney but more so after relocating permanently to Canberra. I have practiced yoga for the last several years and in January 2017 I completed my Level 1 (285 hours) Vinyasa Flow certified teacher training.

Yoga allowed me to rediscover myself and my passion for dance and movement. Initially I found yoga to be just a physical practice, but soon I discovered its true nature. The connection of my true essence – mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a transformation of the self, through the self, to the self. I feel blessed to share this awareness and mindfulness towards one’s inner self and inner happiness during my classes.